Tap for your town.
Freelancing at McCann Sydney, I was given a great brief. Mastercard wanted to turn New Zealand from a nation that predominantly uses EFTPOS to complete their everyday transactions into one that is comfortable using Tap and Go™. The problem is, despite 5 years of continuous educational campaigns about the benefits, nobody was tapping.

We had one asset however, Richie McCaw, retired captain of the All Blacks and recipient of New Zealand's highest honour for playing Rugby. Given Rugby is New Zealand's national religion, there's nothing more a Kiwi dreams of than seeing Richie play one last time. We got every town in New Zealand to out-tap each otherfor the chance to see Richie to play his very, very last game of Rugby in their hometown.
The 10 week campaign reached more than 97% of New Zealand through earned media and generated 13 million taps – a 48% increase year on year.
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Social media encouraged rivalry and more taps

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