McDonald's were suffering their worst sales results in over a decade
To turn it around, we needed to convince Australia that McDonald's new healthy lunch menu was worth considering. Since Australia wasn't coming to us, we went to them. We created the world's biggest lunch box, which contained a fully functioning McDonald's kitchen, and sent it to Australia's most popular lunch spots – inviting people to turn their ordinary lunch into something extraordinary.

It worked. 1 in 5 Australians tried Macca's new lunch menu in the first 6 weeks, category sales were up 50% year on year and overall sales at McDonald's restaurants went up 3% during the campaign period in Australia – while global sales continued to decline.
On a personal note, the cathedral behind the lunchbox in the photo below (shot in our Melbourne location) was built by my great, great, (great?) grand father. Not sure how proud he'd be.
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